Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Total Outlaws

Abandoned skatepark #1

Abandoned skatepark #2
Helmet laws suck
Josh and I went on an abandoned skatepark journey earlier. We started at the Tualatin skatepark which is fun and showed definite signs of life all who had a distinct contact with reality. Next on the journey was Donald, which boasted the most colorful local of the day. As we were leaving, a kid with a guitar on his back in a gig bag, walked up and bummed a cigarette. He then proceeded to give me an abridged version of his life story. Including but not limited to, a near future move to West Linn to live with his girlfriend. This works well because his band practices in West Linn and they have some 'studio time' booked at the end of the summer. He has an interview at the Office Depot in McMinnville soon and informed me that he used to be a big time raver but has been four month clean, and that his girlfriend would kick his ass if he did anything more than weed. I can't make this shit up. Like I said before, the people you run into skateboarding will always amaze. Anyway, Josh and I decided that since we were most of the way to Newberg we would go, in spite of Newberg being the only skatepark in Oregon which enforces it's helmet rule. We didn't have helmets. We got kicked out. Total outlaws. Then we went to the Camby park since we were in that vicinity, which too was abandoned, for good reason. All in all today ruled.

Josh post-shralp at abandoned skatepark # 3  

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