Monday, June 4, 2012

Sea Legs

DDV indifferent to the water encroaching on the bow.
Dry red curbs as far as the eye can see with a Bruno sighting.

The rainy season is nearing it's 2 month hiatus so the skate bug has been a bit more prevalent lately. I suppose now is as good a time as any to break the several month silence and update ye ole blog. I've been getting out and skating fairly regularly but haven't really had the motivation to post anything. Laziness is as common a theme as janky cell phone pictures in this little corner of the innerweb. Anyhoo, I broke out the zip zinger earlier and cruised to breakfast, which was aptly consumed around 2 pm. On the way, a mailman shouted in my direction, "it beats delivering mail all day." It stoked me out. Sometimes the best part of going out skating is the interactions you have with completely random people - it's easy to take for granted, but it's always been something unique I've noticed. In spite of a late afternoon onset of rain, Dom, Jeff, Josh and I gathered for the new Monday night ritual of curb shralpage and wheelie sessions. This spot is pretty rad and virtually abandoned by 7 o'clock which works out
   well for us old dudes.